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Podcast Episodes about Brand Storytelling

Why Brand Storytelling is the Future of Marketing

Why do you need to tell brand stories?

In today’s brand storytelling podcast episode Shannon Peel shares what she discovered when she asked people why brand storytelling is the future of marketing. Listen to answers from people like you and some ideas to get your creative mind working on how you can tell your brand story and connect with the right customers for your business, brand, and story. If you are trying to create a brand and build a tribe or following, this episode is for you. Shannon shares some ideas the submitted comments generated for her and where she learned about brand storytelling.

Listen to this podcast episode on brand storytelling

How to Tell the Right Story to the Right Audience

Did you know that there is a difference between personal brand storytelling and business brand storytelling and it is structural?

Shannon Peel went to a comedy show and uses the experience to help you determine if you should be on the personal brand storytelling stage or on the business brand storytelling stage and how to structure each type of story. Yes, businesses have a personal brand story, but it is more impactful to tell a business brand story to your audience. It’s all about connecting with your audience by using the right pronoun. If you want to know how to tell an impactful brand story click for workbook — this is the episode for you.

Listen to this podcast episode about telling a story to connect with audience.

How to Stand Out in Your Market

Do you want your brand to impact others and be seen by the right people?

Shannon Peel talks with Alastair McDermott about removing the cloak of invisibility to get his clients noticed by the right people in the marketplace. They talk about how they help experts transition to thought leaders and the frustrations of creating content in the noise of the digital world. If your are trying to get traction for your brand in the marketplace and want so ideas, this episode is for you.

Listen to the stand out podcast episode

How to Define Your Brand

Do you know what your brand is or do you wait for customers to enlighten you?

Shannon Peel talked with Tanya and Micheal of Brand Face about how to define your brand story and tell it to the marketplace to attract the right customers to your business. We talked about niches, platforms, and target markets to laser focus your message to improve your ROI and bottom line. As Micheal is successful in the Real Estate industry, they talked a lot about how to define the Realtor’s® Brand story and tell it to the marketplace. If you want to understand how to define your brand, this episode is for you.

Listen to this podcast episode about branding

Hiring Top Talent with an HR Brand Story

Are you having trouble finding good employees?

The problem might be your Branding. Shannon Peel talked with Hunter Lott about how employers can tell their HR brand story to attract top talent and improve the hiring process. They talked about how the labour market has changed, how employers can adapt, and how many companies are making the process so hard, they are eliminating good people before the hiring process begins. If you are an employer, leader, or hiring manager, this episode is for you.

Listen to this podcast episode on HR Brand Story

Using Comedy in Your Brand Storytelling

Is your message flat or is it full of positive energy?

Shannon Peel talks with Scott Edwards about his experience producing comedy shows and hiring top comedians for his comedy clubs. His stages are where comedy stars of the 80s and 90s cut their teeth and got noticed before hitting it big. This episode is entertaining as they talk about the comedy business, family, Canada v USA, and of course using humour in your brand story. If you want to up your brand storytelling skill with some humour and like a good comedy, this episode is for you.

Listen this podcast episode on comedy in brand storytelling

Brand Storytelling for Professional Services

Branding for professional services, like lawyers, takes strategy.

Shannon Peel talked with Leonard Scheiner about how to tell a Lawyer’s brand story and those of other professional service individuals like Realtors®, Accountants, and Dentists. They talked about telling a story throughout the marketing funnel to connect with audiences along their buying journey to increase the ROI of your marketing dollars. If you want to know about how to tell a personal and professional brand story, engage audiences along the marketing funnel, and create a complete strategy, this is the episode for you.

Listen to this podcast episode on brand strategy

Creating an Impactful Brand

Does your brand have a purpose beyond making money?

Does your audience know what it is? Shannon Peel talks to Rich Kozak about creating an impactful brand and how to market it to the marketplace. They talked about understanding your values and purpose to stay on track towards making a bigger impact. What brands need to do to communicate their purpose and get noticed in the marketplace as a credible source of information and expertise. If you want your brand to have a bigger impact on others, this episode is for you.

Listen to this podcast episode on branding

The Importance of Data in Brand Storytelling

Do you know what your data means?

We are inundated by data from all the platforms we tell our brand stories on and this can be helpful or frustrating. In today’s episode I talk with Angeley Mullins about how she helps companies understand their data and find the context to help them make better marketing decisions. If you run ad campaigns, marketing campaigns, or spend time on platforms trying to understand what the metrics mean, you need to listen to this episode of BrandAPeel. Click to learn more about data analyst storytelling

Listen to this podcast episode about how to use data in brand storytelling

Impactful Visual Brand Storytelling

Do you have a strategy for your brand story?

Shannon Peel talks with Dominique Hart about how she helps brands make an impact with visual brand storytelling and stay on topic by having a strategy. Staying with the process can be difficult due to the length of time it takes to make an impression and see results from your efforts, it can be tempting to go off on a tangent or twelve. Learn why a brand story strategy is so important and how you can make a bigger impact in a shorter period of time. Click here to learn about visual impact storytelling

Listen to this podcast episode about visual storytelling

A Sign of Good Marketing Brand Story

I talked with Dane Sanders, a brand storyteller who learned from Seth Godin and works with Donald Miller. We talked about what he learned from these big name experts, how to tell a story to connect with audiences, and what good marketing looks like. Listen to learn how to construct a good story to sell your product and service, Dane provides some interesting insights.

Listen to this podcast episode about what is good marketing

Brand Awareness: What do You Want to be Known for?

Today, I was joined by Stephen Pasiciel, Doris Anderson, Marilyn Anderson, and Limor Friedman to talk about brand awareness and how to determine what you want to be known for in the marketplace. Social media is a powerful brand awareness tool and the first layer in your brand storytelling funnel. What story do you tell on social media and how can you ensure your audience knows exactly what you do, without giving away too many details to the competition?

Listen to this podcast episode about brand awareness

A Customer Journey Brand Story

Who is the hero in your brand story? Shannon Peel talks with Paul Slack of Vende Digital Marketing Agency about how businesses can compete online and what they need to do to connect with audiences. Whether you are telling your story on social media or on your website, there are certain things you need to do to ensure your audience moves through your story to become loyal customers. Paul teaches me a few things about how to structure a marketing campaign to deliver value and not give it all away. Paul provides insights and a few real gems to help businesses connect with their potential customers as they guide them from awareness to customers.

Listen to this podcast episode about the Customer Journey

How to Tell a Brand Story

In this Brand Storytelling podcast episode Shannon Peel shares her insights into how to tell a brand story, what to say, how to structure it, and most importantly how to end it. Discover how to tell your brand story to guide audiences from awareness to customers by visiting where you will find more information, ideas, and tidbits of advice about brand storytelling.

Listen to this podcast episode about how to tell a brand story

Solving Problems Creatively

Are you up against a problem and unsure how to move forward?

Shannon Peel talked with Gabriela Pulido from Scalto about problem solving, processes, core values, and how to tell your brand’s message. There is a lot of different ideas in this episode about how to find the solutions for your communications efforts. If you want to find a creative solution for your brand storytelling, this episode is for you.

Listen to this podcast episode about solving problems

Podcast Episodes about Story Brand Copywriting

Story Brand Storytelling to Sell Your Services

Is your website converting visitors into customers? Chances are your message does not clearly tell them the story about why they need to be your customer. Shannon Peel talked with Story Brand Copywriter, Jonny Holsten about how he helps his clients figure out what story to tell their audiences. They also touched on email marketing, choosing the right clients for your business, and the best way to manage time to get more done. If you are a creative business owner or need to tell your brand story to the marketplace, this episode is for you.

Listen to this podcast episode about brand story copywriting

Copywriting to Convert Visitors on Your Website using Story Brand

Do visitors to your website convert into customers?

Listen to today’s episode as Holly Fisher explains how to craft a story brand styled message on your website to guide the visitor from awareness to customer. Holly is a certified Story Brand consultant who helps clients craft their messages using Donald Miller’s Story Brand process for improved conversion rates. If you want to know more about how to craft your website message’s message or copywriting advice, listen to the episode of BrandAPeel. Learn about Copywriter and Website Design

Listen to this podcast episode on story brand copywriting

How Copywriters use Storytelling Frameworks

Wonder why some brands are memorable while others are not?

The answer is storytelling. Those copywriters who are able to write content using simple storytelling frameworks connect with their audiences. In this episode Shannon Peel talks to Erik Deckers about his long career as a copywriter for big brands and the lessons he learned along the way. If you want to improve how you tell your brand’s story to your audience, listen to this episode, it is filled with ideas to help storytellers, copywriters, business owners, social media teams, sales, anyone who tells a brand’s story to an audience online and off. Learn about copywriter and ghost writer Erik Deckers

Listen to this podcast episode about Copywriting

Podcast Episodes about Personal Branding

On Becoming an Influencer

What does it take to get noticed and build a following?

Shannon Peel talks with Isaac Mashman about how he helps people get noticed, tell their stories, and build a following in the digital world. They talked about what story to tell. Where to tell the story. And How to tell your brand story to get noticed in the marketplace of online celebrity. Even if you aren’t trying to be a celebrity — This episode is for you if you want to understand how to tell your personal brand story to get your brand noticed by the right people.

Listen to the podcast episode on being an influencer

Why a Personal Brand Matters to Your Success

What is personal branding and why it matters to you?

Shannon Peel talks with Claire Bahn about how her personal brand led her to build a business helping executives create their personal brands. We talked about why you can’t hide from your personal brand anymore. How a great personal brand is a foundation for a successful career. How entrepreneurs and SMBs can boost revenue by showcasing their subject expertise and leveraging their authority and why ignoring your personal brand can negatively affect your ROI. If you are just starting out in the workforce after graduation, or you have decades of experience, this episode will help you understand how to craft your personal brand story to attract opportunities to you.

Listen to this podcast episode about personal branding

The Facebook Connector Brand Story

Are you getting the most out of Facebook or are you floundering?

If you want to improve your Facebook results to build a community for your brand, you need to listen to today’s podcast. Shannon talked with Jen Campbell about how she became certified by Facebook as a Facebook Connector and asked for some tips to help BrandAPeel listeners to improve their community building efforts. Want to know more about Jen, get some more tips, and a free download? Click here to read an interview and get to know Jen Campbell’s better.

Listen to this podcast episode about Personal Branding on Facebook

Define Your Personal Brand Story

In today’s episode Shannon Peel shares her insights into the importance on having a personal brand, how to define your brand story, and your target audience. Filled with ideas, tips, questions to ask yourself, and others to help you get started on your personal brand message. Listen to this episode with a pen and paper.

Listen to this podcast episode about defining your personal brand story

Be a Thought Leader Brand Story

Want to be a thought leader or seen as an expert in your field? This episode is for you. Shannon talked with former Wall Street Journal Editor and podcast host of You Said What?, Ernie Sander. They talked about how they help to draw out stories from people and structure them to be more impactful in the marketplace. They touched on where to tell your story, how the different platforms work and why it’s important to use story when building an audience for your brand. Discover tips, ideas, and advice from expert storytellers about how to get noticed in your industry.

Listen to this podcast episode about becoming a thought leader

BrandAPeel: Social Media Dying?

BrandAPeel is a Daily Show on the MarketAPeel site to talk about Brand Storytelling in the digital age. Today’s we started talking about why we aren’t consistently posting on social media and found people are being turned off by social media. What do you think? Is social media dying? And why?

Listen to this podcast episode about Social Media

What is Personal Branding

What is Personal Branding and why do we need it? How often have you heard, “You need a Personal Brand.”? Whether you are trying to secure a new position, build a book of business, or become known as an ‘Expert.’ a personal brand is a requirement. In today’s social media world, it is easier than ever to protect our reputations and destroy them.

Listen to this podcast episode about personal branding

Podcast Episodes about Advertising

The Emotions of Good Advertising

Why do some ads work and others fall flat?

Shannon Peel talks with Brian Gregory about what works in an ad and why ads that trigger emotions sell. They talked about the psychology of advertising, how it has changed over the years, how it has stayed the same, and why it is necessary for businesses to invest in a good ad for their business. They talk about how coaches, professionals, and small businesses can use specific tools to help them develop ads that work. This episode is packed with a lot of great advice, tips, and insight, it’s one you don’t want to miss. If you pay for ads, need to buy ads, or just love advertising, this episode is for you.

Listen to this podcast episode on advertising

Edgy Advertising gets Your Brand Noticed

Do your ads fall flat or look like every other ad out there?

Shannon Peel talks with Saul Colt about how his agency, the idea integration, uses humour, satire, and the odd offensive word to get his clients noticed in the marketplace. Shock advertising is meant to get people to take notice by being different and eliciting an emotional reaction to start a conversation within the market and with the brand. If you want your ads to stand out and to get more out of your advertising dollars, this episode is for you.

Listen to this episode about impact advertising

How to be a Podcast Guest Brand Story

Want to tell your brand story on a variety of podcasts?

Shannon Peel talked with Jason Cercone about being a podcast guest and how he helps people become an appealing podcast guest to podcasters. As a podcaster and regular podcast guest, he is an expert and generously shares his process with BrandAPeel listeners. Learn how to identify which podcasts to approach, how to approach them, and what to say once you are on the show to get more out of the experience. Click to learn more about Jason Cercone and download his advice.

Listen to this episode about being a podcast guest

Podcast Episodes about SEO

Increasing Organic Traffic to Your Website

Getting frustrated with your website’s traffic?

Shannon Peel talks with Daniel Lofaso about how to improve organic search results to increase traffic to your website. They talked about backlinks, what the metrics mean, and how to create content that Google loves. If you are creating content. trying to get traffic to your site and wondering why you aren’t getting any traction, this episode is for you.

Listen to this SEO episode

Improving the SEO of Your Website Brand Story

Is Google sending you organic traffic or is your website missing the mark?

Shannon talked with Jason Berkowitz about how SEO works, what you need to be doing to ensure Google sends people your way and what the metrics mean and exactly how important is that DA number? Jason has over a decade of experience in this area of brand storytelling and helps clients to get more organic search traffic. Want to know more?

Listen to this podcast episode about improving your Website’s SEO

All You need to Know about Brand SERPS

What does Google tell people about you when they Google your Brand Name?

Today, Shannon Peel talks with Jason Barnard, the Brand SERP guy about what a Brand SERP is, why your brand needs one and what you need to tell Google to ensure it understands who you are and how you solve people’s problems. There is more to SEO than you know and if you want to get more out of search engines, this episode is for you.

Listen to this podcast episode on brand serp

What You Need to Know Before Creating Content

Before you start creating content to tell your brand story on social media, your website, podcast, blog, whichever platform you are going to use, there are a few things you need to know.

Listen to this podcast episode about Content Creation for SEO

Podcast Episodes about Email Marketing

Tips and Tricks to Email Marketing

Are you emails landing with your audience or in their spam file?

Today, Shannon Peel talks with Yuval Ackerman about email marketing and how to engage your audience by telling a story and keeping your list healthy. Email marketing is a direct channel to your audience without all the distractions of social media. With more marketers switching from social media to marketing, the competition for access to inboxes is heating up. If you want to up your email marketing results, this is the episode for you.

Listen podcast episode on Email Marketing

Read the brand story about Email Marketing

Email Marketing Tips to Improve Conversions

Improve your email marketing efforts with these wonderful tips from people who send marketing emails to customers on a regular basis. Grab a pen and paper, you’ll need it there is a lot packed into this program to help businesses improve their click through rates. If you want to learn more about the many people who contributed ideas, Click here for email marketing tips.

Listen to this podcast episode about email marketing

Email Marketing — What NOT to do

Are you thinking about creating an email marketing campaign to get new clients? Do you have a buy in download to build your email list? Here’s some thoughts about what not to do when using email to market to your potential clients. As seen in APeeling in Summer and presented by Shannon Peel of MarketAPeel

Listen to this podcast episode about email marketing

Podcast Episodes about Writing a Book

Write a Book to Gain Credibility in the Marketplace

Have you ever thought about writing a book to help you get more clients?

Shannon Peel talked with Micheal DeLeon about how he helps business owners write and publish their books to gain credibility in the marketplace. Books are a good way to meet your audience’s need as they move through the brand interest part of their buying journey. If you know enough to fill a book, you must know your stuff! If you want to know more about how to write a book and get noticed, this episode is for you.

Listen to this podcast episode about writing a book for your brand

Podcast Episodes about Protecting Your Brand

How to Protect Your Brand and other Intellectual Property

Copyright, trademark, or patent, which do you need?

Shannon Peel talks with Devin Miller about how to protect your rand and other intellectual property. They talked about copyrights, trademarks, and patents, what they are and when you need them. If you are curious about the legalities in protecting your IP? This episode is for you.

Listen to how to protect your brand episode

Protecting Your Brand and Your Business

If you were offered a million dollars for your domain, what would you say?

Robert Stone said no. His brand was worth more that that to him. Protecting your brand can mean more than passwords, there are many facets that go into securing your brand name. In this episode, Shannon Peel talks with Robert about choosing a career, starting a business, creating a brand, digitization, and taxes. If you are a trying to figure out what you want to do career wise, starting a business, or building a brand name for yourself, this episode is for you.

Listen to this podcast episode about protecting your brand

How to Protect Your Identity & Your Brand Story

Cybersecurity is a growing industry as businesses race to stay ahead of hackers.

Today Shannon Peel talked with Edgar Sierra about Cybersecurity and how we can protect our computers from attacks and ourselves from scammers. When Businesses’ data is breached it becomes a negative chapter in their brand’s story and causes the market to lose trust in their ability to protect their customer’s information. This technological cat and mouse game is beyond most of our tech skills, but there are somethings you can do to protect yourself. If you want to protect your identity, brand, and bank account — this episode is for you.

Listen to this podcast episode about protecting your brand from hackers



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